About Chopsticks


I was gifted a pair of chopsticks recently, and had been itching to try eating with them. Somehow, watching NHK world with all their dainty ceremonies and the painstaking amount of details in their food, it was hard to not be influenced by it.

So this afternoon, bored out of my mind, I decided to tackle some food using these chopsticks. Sunday lunches are the best time for this because in my house we are usually eating pasta or something other than the usual fare.

There was my bowl of pasta, winking at me with all the delights it promised, and my stomach growling in response to it. I picked up the chopsticks and tried lifting one delicious piece. It slipped right out.
And this was expected.
I tried again, with no luck at all. Third time's a charm? No luck. It slid out again. I persevered and managed to get a couple of pieces into my mouth before moving to the greens. No success there either.

My parents suggested I use a spoon to assist me in my endeavor. But noooo, I wanted to be dainty and ritualistic too! I bravely puffed and panted, picking each piece carefully and shoving it into my mouth as soon as possible. And thus a bowl of pasta went into my mouth with me having no idea what it really tasted like.

It's just so hard! How does anyone manage to eat with them?! It took me two hours to finish a bowl of pasta. I mean sure, I feel fuller. I still don't know whether how I used them was right or wrong (pretty sure just poking at the food in hanger isn't right). I feel like I focused a lot more on my food than the TV (it's hard to focus on much else when you are hungry, and if your food just slips away).

But it was fun! (This might make you wonder what sort of a pathetic existence do I have. You aren't wrong. This was the most entertaining experience of my whole week)

I will let you folks know what else can be eaten with chopsticks, when I actually decide to bust them out again.
Until next time!


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