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The New Phone

So... I actually thought the title of this post would be very different. However that was three weeks ago. Right now, I stand corrected.

To understand how unimpressed I was with this phone, read on!

"I wrote about a phone that I loved, and everyone loved to hate ;) Now let me tell you about the lame replacement that I got. If I had to name the phone it would be the title of this post : the hotplate. I am not sure if Nokia was angling for an ambient temperature sensor, but damn this phone just decides to warm or cool itself as per the Temperature outside. It has a glass back and the latest fad - the notch! Personally I didn't think I would like the notch at all. But after using the phone, I find that the extra screen space is a nice feeling with all the notifications out of the way. The glass back though? Ughhhh unbelievable. It's slippery, and for a clumsy person like me, I can't even imagine the horrors this poor thing will have to endure. It's also really fragil…

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