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Google Maps has an agenda. The agenda is to do away with people. 
Like I explained in the previous post, Google Maps disappointed us in the matter of food. Unfortunately, it became downright murderous as our trip progressed. We traveled at night. It was beautiful to zip by on the roads as the sun was setting. This went on for hours and hours together, without much incident. 
However the troubles began when we had to reach our destination.  We were supposed to continue on the highway, and take a deviation near the city we encountered. Instead, Google had this brilliant idea of pushing us towards the first deviation into a village nobody knew about. To say it was scary would be an understatement. 
I am usually a person who laughs while watching horror movies. Well, this was the day, when I believed every scary story that was ever told to me.  I had a friend at school who would love to tell stories about demons possessing people, and about how one could identify ghosts. Apparently witch…

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