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How to clean an aquarium

Disclaimer : The post below is in no way the proper / appropriate way to actually clean an aquarium. No fish were harmed in the making of this post (my father did most of the heavy lifting). While his attempts were admirable, they were in no way efficient.

Today I was woken up by my dad dragging the sheets off me, and ordering me to get all the equipment in place for the large task at hand - cleaning the aquarium.  For the previous sessions of health and hygiene I sadly wasn't available (read - college baby!) but fate had other plans for me !
Without further ado I present to you the steps one could take to clean out your finned companions environment -

Step 1. Decide to clean the huge glass tank
Step 2. Siphon out half the water from the aquarium. Stir the uneaten food and debris at the bottom of the aquarium while you are at it, thereby convincing it's occupants that you are stirring up food and not their own poop.
Step 3. Fill some of the remaining aquarium water into a …

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