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Tldr: I went to watch captain Marvel. Alone.

It was a fateful day, when I decided to watch the movie.
The theater was empty! It was amazing. I asked the grumpy lady at the counter whether I could choose my seat, and she grumped and said, you can sit anywhere you like, the theater's empty.

I went in and settled down. Enter a couple with their demon spawn  child. I usually find children okay. But this was an infant of no more than a year! As soon as the speakers blared , the whole theater was filled with the painful screams of a dying animal. I took the liberty of standing up in my seat and glaring at the offending parents. They left the venue immediately.
Never had I been any happier!!

The movie began. I could laugh as much as I wanted, curl up around my seat, cover myself like an Eskimo without any judgement! I could say awwwww when Goose came on screen . Fun fun fun!!

It was like a whole new avenue opened up. There was a couple who did come and sit behind me, but a few hisses from yo…

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