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A friend of mine went to this activity area ( I refuse to call it an adventure resort or any fancy name of the kind ) and yes it's name was the same as that written in the title. 

Looking at his enthusiasm, and considering the summer months ( I guess we must admit that we are doomed . A hotter summer in Bangalore I couldn't remember) I looked through the questions section on Google. And lo behold I was utterly hooked by some questions as shown below.

Now is the time for the absolutely mind-blowing, universe altering question. Who is this Vasanth Raj Shetty? Is he the victim of a girl who wanted to tease her brother of being a wimp? Was this just a case of harmless sibling rivalry? As can be seen from the screenshot below, one might be convinced that this seems to be the case.

Or is it perhaps something more sinister??

What if Vasanth Raj Shetty was actually a man who lived two centuries ago? What if this was a call for help from the other side ? 

What if Vasanth Raj Shetty was an idea?It could be that VRS was the beginning of a rebellion.

What if Vasanth Raj Shetty was murdered in cold blood and this was a sick memento of the psychopath? Perhaps all of Google Maps is littered with evidence of his gory crimes. Maybe there are other hapless people, their souls screaming for release, and demanding that this psychopath be caught!

 We might never know. Or maybe we would if we cared to investigate. But why investigate and expend energy when you could just lie down and relax?? 

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Chella said…
Oh My Good God! This is pure pure gold! Absolutely love all of your crazy VRS theories. Please let me tag along when you are turning this into a series on Netflix :D :D
Dragon Rider said…
Netflix eh?? :p sure! We could do a part 2 too :p
The Crazier the better!

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