Anxious, always anxious lil butterfly of a soul
Hate coursing with each beat,
Burning pain in the windows to the world
Guilt breaking, breaking will that wasn't there
Death a passing shadow, invisible yet present
A kaleidoscope of emotions roiling over, boiling over, taking over all senses
Prose? Poetry? Meaningless in the vast scheme
Pointless is my wail, as is my sorrow
Nobody cares what happens on the morrow
Cannot help, a burden to this world
Crushed, being crushed by forces uncontrolled
Soft, crawling, horrifying it creeps
Realization of the lack of power
Helplessness, an easy excuse for all that I see
What if sight was then robbed of me ?
Would I be the one to stand strong?
Or hold their hands as silent tears pour out?
Be brave they say, brave as a lion
The wings stutter, they cannot , will not beat
Be brave for you must be strong of will
The butterfly falls, in a spiral to the depths of hell

I will not explain this. I just had to put it up.
See you soon!
Until then,


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