The New Phone

So... I actually thought the title of this post would be very different. However that was three weeks ago. Right now, I stand corrected.

To understand how unimpressed I was with this phone, read on!

"I wrote about a phone that I loved, and everyone loved to hate ;) Now let me tell you about the lame replacement that I got. If I had to name the phone it would be the title of this post : the hotplate. I am not sure if Nokia was angling for an ambient temperature sensor, but damn this phone just decides to warm or cool itself as per the Temperature outside. It has a glass back and the latest fad - the notch! Personally I didn't think I would like the notch at all. But after using the phone, I find that the extra screen space is a nice feeling with all the notifications out of the way. The glass back though? Ughhhh unbelievable. It's slippery, and for a clumsy person like me, I can't even imagine the horrors this poor thing will have to endure. It's also really fragile. Such a delicate darling. And the camera ? I stopped using the camera ages ago. In other words - camera sucks. The speakers are laughable. The only saving grace is the 3.5mm head phone jack (Praise the Lord?). While the screen is bright and let's me read well, it has such poor visibility in the sun, that the only thing I can do with a phone like this is to take it quickly inside and let it warm my cold surroundings."

Yeah. I bought a Nokia 6.1 Plus. The fancy one, with all the nice features and a low battery capacity. And yes, there were troubles with the heating up and stuff, but I guess the phone was just trying to adjust itself to the new creature it found itself with. Or maybe I got used to it's quirks. This makes me wonder though, if I truly was this accommodating, maybe I wouldn't mind adjusting to whoever it is my parents bring home. Initially I will whine and cry about it, but later on it will all be ok, because I will just get used to all the flaws and stuff.

In fact I could just use this as a guiding principle for all things in my life - whine and cry about it for a couple of days, then buckle down, face reality and get that nose back to the grindstone. And then finally die.

But I digress! I use it very often. I use the google camera app to take good pictures. I use my headphones to listen to some good music. I read while travelling (when I am not talking to my co-passengers). I talk a lot on it. So I would say, so far, my new phone is satisfactory.

What name would you give my phone? Suggestions are welcome! Let me know with a personal message or a comment!

Until next time,


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