My Moto Moto


For those of you who know me, you know the absolute love I have for my Moto Moto. Moto Moto is my Moto G2 phone that I bought on Oct 12 2014. This is love that's pure, that's innocent, that's passionate. 4 years . A few days will mark 4 years since we have been in this loving and at times utter rage inducing relationship. Yes. Yes it's a relationship.
I think you know what I am talking about.
My love story with my Moto G2 began at a time when I was frustrated with the option I owned. My parent's idea of buying something was - go to a shop, pick whatever was lying there, come home and end the story. Returns were unheard of. And this found me in possession of a phone called the LG optimus L7. It was a gorgeous phone, sleek and lightweight, and had all the features one could want at that time. However, it didn't sing to my heart. I spent a good one year with it in college.

Around that time, Xiaomi was getting extremely popular. So I gave away this phone and bought one of the Redmi models (I forget which). This was instantly the most disliked phone I have ever held in my hand. I made up my mind to never buy a phone with a UI like that.
Thankfully I was able to give it away.
Soon by word of mouth, Moto was gaining immense popularity. It was cute ! It was fun! It was rugged! It was waterproof! I felt wary, was this a risk worth taking? Finally I decided to buy one. I read, and re-read about it. All the specifications were ingrained in my mind. The phone? Moto G2 .

It finally arrived! What can I say? It was love at first sight. A minimalist design, a thin body, a tall screen, amazing speakers, and the list went on! It could play games as well. My heart sang (still does) when I think of it. The adventures we have had !
I remember the one time when it fell into the toilet bowl ( which was clean, and I hadn't used it yet - enough with the shock already). Then there was that one time when we had a bounce fest where the phone pretty much bounced over every step on the first floor. It was like the Nokia 1100 of smartphones. It has been with me on countless journeys and adventures. I called it Moto Moto (which is hot hot according to Madagascar 2). It was the sort of relationship where you float on clouds and everything is roses and sunshine.

Of course all of my friends took extra pains to explain how old it was, how useless it was now, how it was time to move on. And I say it now - I have. No more does the Moto Moto travel with me everywhere. It's battery decided to give up on the world. Not many apps can run with the quiet confidence like before. It's speakers hiss and sputter each time I try to play something on them. But can I just say this? For all it's faults, all the so-called disadvantages that it had, it was one damn amazing piece of hardware. And that in itself (for me) is a great achievement. 

I will write about my latest acquisition in another post. (It will hardly be the heartfelt flood of love like this one - you have been warned!)

Until then


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