A Day In The Life Of Bop

Bop woke up quite early. The surroundings were still dark. He was hungry as always. He couldn't wait for it to be light again, because that's when he would be fed.

He noticed that it was light far away. This was good news! Bop would be fed in a while. The creature who did not live in water, would awake soon. This creature wasn't seen often, but it sure did feed Bop on time.

Soon Bop was fed. But he didn't like the food. He chewed it thoughtfully and spat it out. Bop liked to be fed, but it liked whatever was being served very rarely. The creature put it's tentacle inside his territory (how dare they!), so of course, Bop went to investigate. The creature wasn't feeding it. It was trying to catch Bop! It was the end of the world! Bop let Blinky go to the creature's searching appendage. Let Blinky die, Blinky was a resource consumer anyway.

Bop hid cleverly, he knew all the good spots of his territory. Then Bop felt like he wasn't able to breathe right. He kept yawning and yawned some more. Suddenly the light went out! That didn't mean much, because Bop was already fed. A square green shape entered Bop's territory. He went to investigate it immediately. It was a trap! They were all going to die! Bop tried swimming far far away, but couldn't! Blinky was taken away by the trap. Blinky realized too late, and struggled a lot. Now the square thing came in again, and this time, Bop couldn't evade it no matter how well it hid!

Resigned to his fate, Bop silently entered the square. Bop was taken out of his territory, and couldn't breathe for a second. Surely this was the end of his world? Then he entered a red circular enclosure. Bop remembered being somewhere similar. It would be a long boring time here. He decided to nap.

Soon, the green square was back. Bop went to it gladly. He was dropped off to unknown territory now! The bubbles came from a different direction, all the shells were unknown, and there were those infernal plants, and there was a huge ugly shell in his way! He was excited. He decided to make this new land his own. First he chased away and continuously bit Blinky, who was being a nuisance, floating around in his space. Then he proceeded to tear the stupid mean plants away, because how dare they?!

Then he went ahead and started attacking the bubbles source, because it just felt wrong somehow. He also picked up all the pebbles around the ugly shell and threw it to the far corners of his territory (he could never throw them outside for some reason), in an effort to tell the shell how unwelcome it was (biting the shell hadn't worked at all, it was a very rude shell).
Satisfied with his work, he started staring at the weird creature that didn't eat him everyday in the hopes of being fed. Life was good! He could see the screen which showed other large animals who couldn't eat him, he could watch who came and went, had neighbors to annoy, and loads of great food to chew and spit.

The end.

PS: This was my assumption about the larger one of my fish, who for this article I have named Bop. The tinier one is blinky, because calling it blind outright seemed rude. In all probability, Bop might actually be thinking about how it wished it were big enough to eat me, or it could even be pondering on it's existence. It's hard to tell with him. Or her (because you apparently can't tell their genders until they start laying eggs)

Until next time!


Chella said…
Hilarious :D :D :D You chose to chronicle the single most adventurous day in the life of Bop - when his tank gets cleaned. I'm wondering how would an otherwise ordinary day be like? :P
Dragon Rider said…
:D It is spent staring at everything in the hopes that some food might come by. Actually it's pretty similar to whatever was written before, except for the tank cleaning thing :p Bop is single minded in his wish to own land, and get food. Hail Bop! :D

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