Why I can't stand shopping

Let's dive right in:

It's because deciding on things is such a pain. Decision making seems to be a fairy that likes teasing me. I have countless examples that I could list here, but for your sanity (and mine) I will only talk about a few:

1. Clothes: I have no idea, at all, about what clothes to buy. When I was young (oh those days!) my wardrobe choices were a constant source of pain and resentment to my mother, since all I had was black, grey, carbon black, glossy black, green tinged black, red tinged black, some blue, and more black. Oh and apart from that all the forced clothes that were put on me (relatives love giving clothes of weird colours and sizes). However, I always loved my oversized tee shirts and loose jeans with a standard pair of sneakers, and the customary hoodie. Now, even that makes me confused, and I just leave the whole thing to my ecstatic mom who delights in buying the whole rainbow, and loose-fitting dresses(woe betide the heathen who dareth wear something that fits). Nobody can accuse me of not being the good kid :p. The one time I do have to buy something for myself is a nightmare as my friends can testify - I either hum and haw for centuries together and don't get anything in the end, or I go to the extent of buying the first thing that catches my fancy and cry about it for ages together. (Saree shopping comes to mind ;) )

2. Food: My preferences are capricious at best. Most of the time, I am just alright with any food you give me, as long as the dessert is chocolate or has chocolate flavours. In fact, the only thing in food that I am usually very sure of is mushrooms (which I love), and dark chocolate (which I also love). Apart from that, everything else is acceptable given the amount of options I am offered. (Except for any kind of animal, which I love alive and happy, as opposed to cooked or whatever).

3. Electronic gadgets: Huge huge list of things covered here. My friends could probably attest to the fact, that I seem to be incapable of buying a decent phone, with me citing various reasons ranging from I love my moto, it's the best phone I ever owned! to but all the options in the market right now are awful! This has to stop somewhere, and I sincerely hope it doesn't result in me buying an utter failure of a phone. This sort of a paralysis extends to every single electronic gadget I have ever planned to buy (and haven't bought yet).

How about you? Do you ever have the misfortune of not being able to decide what to buy, when to buy it or whether to buy it in the first place?

Until next time!


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