Interesting Observations about Cleaning

My parents are huge fans of cleaning. No matter what the occasion, or day, a nice bout of cleaning seems to give them a burst of satisfaction, and happiness (the same burst that I probably get while reading a novel, of the exact same sort as the ones I like. It's like my mind will never grow).
I on the other hand, detest the whole activity with a passion that was never found within me when it came to studying or doing anything productive. I take pains to keep my room in a certain state of shabbiness. In this state, I know exactly where all my things are, and exactly where to sit, in the most comfortable pose my body can manage. I can even provide some space to the poor souls who come to my room. (My friends can attest to this fact - along with the weird posters). However in the course of this infinite activity, there were some observations that were hard to miss (I do clean. It's just very erratic, and usually not the day I am expecting visitors).

  1. No matter when you clean, the object that has been subject to this intense procedure will within a span of hours (or minutes) proceed to accumulate the very thing you were scrubbing mightily to get off.
  2. If an object can be stained permanently by a very rare substance, it will do so with surprising regularity. 
  3. Once you view the whole cycle, an interesting phenomenon called "never-been-cleaned-before" manifests. If you clean a dirty room, for example, it will go from being cleaned to being as dirty as it was before, making it seem (to the despairing person in-charge of cleaning) that nothing was done to change the state of the room from the start.
  4. It will take you atleast twice the amount of time to clean a particular object, than the time you have assigned yourself.
  5. Any music that you play during the act of cleaning will slowly wear you down, and you will stop all your work just to shut that infernal person crooning to you.
  6. Any other activity, like watching reruns of the same show for the umpteenth time, or staring at your pets for hours on end - will seem infinitely more attractive than whatever you are doing right now.
  7. Woe betide the person who decides to comment on how well, or badly you have deigned to clean the designated object. 
  8. After cleaning, you usually spend the rest of the day mourning for the loss of your precious weekend (which is usually when most of the cleaning happens). 
  9. You promise yourself that the next time you will do a better job of cleaning and keeping your surroundings clean and then go into a downward spiral the next week anyway.
  10. And thus your life wastes away
God that was dark. 
Anyways, hope you guys deal with this way better than I do - if not, there's always YouTube to waste your life on ;)

Until next time!


Murphy's laws of cleaning :D

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