Kindl(ing) Reveries


First off I am going to start with an apology to those who were hoping I owned one, or would own one. (And the one I remember telling "So, we can tell each other - Yay! we have matching kindles now!")

Even my mom was looking forward to me not buying books anymore (due to the lack of space), or staring at a computer screen (with squinty eyes and pained expression) or spending hours bent over my phone(which I agree is just the worst). I think the reason why I actually ordered it was because of her.

Sorry guys! It's just that it felt wrong.

Let me keep this brief.

I wanted a replacement for books. Not for a computer. Or a smartphone. A kindle? A Paperwhite didn't feel any different from my phone (which was actually a lot more flexible in the brightness and stuff). After increasing the font size to what I was comfortable with, my phone and the kindle felt pretty much the same. I hardly played around with it for an hour. Tried reading something fun. The screen was rougher than a book's, the touch was unresponsive while typing, the light was too weird - what do I say?! The overall experience was one of disappointment. I say this even after reading a complete novel from my friend's Kindle. I guess owning one puts things into perspective!

Am I being too choosy? Perhaps!

I had to give it back. I couldn't lie to myself. Maybe I would buy an e-reader in a year. Maybe that would be my point of no return. For now, I think I will stick to familiar screens - or better yet, a nice, old book.

Until next time,


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