The Confidant Debutante


Today will be the day when atleast one of my readers will cringe (hard). (Apologies in advance). This person is a voracious reader (although she won't admit it), is an introvert of the most extreme sort, and can be beaten by only a handful in her absolute knowledge about movies and TV shows. We all keep asking her the same redundant questions - what do we watch next? (with despair in our eyes, and desperation in our bored souls) And she patiently explains what would be a good choice given our viewing experiences of the past. Repeatedly.

Let's call her the Movie Wizard (because for some reason, witches conjure up a bad image, while a wizard ooooohhhh he's cooooolll!). MV for short.
To say that MV is an introvert, would be the understatement of the year. MV loves to go out of her way to avoid people. If fairies were a thing, (and they might be. Please be real) MV would be a teacher of sorts at teaching them how to hide from the harsh intruding noses of the homo-sapien. (Or the neandrathal. It's hard to know what does she think of us). Ignoring all of those, I would push my way into her room, and plop myself on her bed, and chat away, conveniently ignoring all the signs she would give of me having overstayed my welcome. She was a good sport nevertheless, offering good advice, and even going as far as to accompany me for dinner. It truly was like I chanced upon a fairy, and she decided to grace me with her charming company.. Those were the days!

She also has a great eye for picking up great plays around the city (I have only been to two, and have thoroughly enjoyed both). The second play in particular, which was an immersive experience (with me yelling for a participation, and my two friends reluctantly agreeing to go through with it), I am pretty sure she regretted even thinking about calling my attention to it. Let me explain - this was about Murder at Cafe Noir , and a part of the experience as a participant included getting yourself being introduced as a fake character. Sadly of all the people in the whole set of participants, MV was singled out with a very vivacious description (she noped through it all and then stared daggers at me. I was pretty sure my last day upon the earth was that day). She was described as a yesteryear belle of the ball, the most (in?)famous debutante of her time. (I won't say any further, but it was quite a colourful description ;))
And thus the Debutante part of the title is inadequately explained.

Then there's the fact that I could probably say whatever I wanted, and she would seem to understand (except that time when I showed her a short animated movie about a statue of the Lord Shiva as Nataraja - which was probably not very tasteful). She seemed to be a magnet for a lot of people to share their innermost thoughts and feelings, a magnetism she didn't seem to want. But I guess this is the burden of the brilliant, they wish to be aloof, while we mortals crave for the human experience. However on the bright side - we now know where to go for our dose of gossip!
And thus the Confidant part of the title is inadequately explained.

The reason why I write today about this very shy, and private person, is that she has left the city, and gone far far away. And has conveniently forgotten to tell me about it.(Not cool babe). Really the way she left us was like the few episodes before the climax of a Korean Drama, where she deigns to spend a whole day with us in absolute bliss (we are like the blissful boyfriend), and then just disappears without so much as even a tiny WhatsApp message saying - Yo, I am leaving.Bye. And we are all happy about spending time with her (like K-boyfriend) and then realize she isn't to be found and loose our frigging minds about her whereabouts. (-_-) (like the K-boyfriend). And finally we get an indirect message from someone saying - oh! she left days ago and then we go on a hopeless journey of self discovery and travel in order to find MV (the pained girlfriend), and somehow convince her to come back to us and plead and beg and all that. (-_-) (like the damned K-Boyfriend).

Anyway, it's not all dark, because she has promised me that she would be back soon. (I will hold you to it. Because that's what good K-Boyfriends do!) I will wait for her to come back (God I do sound like a hopeless K-Boyfriend now). In the mean time , I have her memories to get by. (And now every one of my readers shalt cringe in unison)

Until next time!


You got me at confidant debutante. Rofl!
Wait till she reads this! :D
Chella said…
Wow! This person sounds like a weirdo and quite selfish too, for not bidding a formal goodbye :( I hope she had some *very* good reasons! Hilarious account though. (Ha Ha !!) I wonder how "colorful" was the description of the debutante's past! (wink wink!!)
Dragon Rider said…
Ahhheeemmmm ... So GLAD you ladies liked it. ;) Quite colourful it was... this past of her's... She shouldn't have given the profs a discount ;)

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