Hello there, 2019


Happy New Year everybody! Because hey! let us all celebrate and make a big deal about the beginning of a time frame created by humans!

Sarcasm apart, I did not know what to do. And being too bored to sleep, I decided to write here.

This New Year's Eve is turning out to be a little different. Earlier I used to wait eagerly for the minutes of Dec 31 (insert previous year) to go by quickly, and the clock tick to 00:00. Right now, all I feel is - huh?
I guess this is what is called growing up? Or disillusionment? More on this later.

I have a question - Do you guys make resolutions? I do, and I fail miserably at actually doing something about them. I am not even going to bother writing about them here.

So bye bye 2018, hello 2019. I guess the first change school kids would have is the constant striking out of 2018 and rewriting 2019 as the year.

See you in the coming days (hopefully a lot more), and once again, have a great New Year's Eve, party, sleep or whatever it is that is your jam.



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