Of Bells & Baubles, Candy & Cake

Ho Ho Ho!!

It's that delicious time of the year again, when I feel accomplished about doing nothing more than dragging my feet across the year with the most drudgery and despair that I could ever manage! Success is mine!

Anyway, jokes apart I really do like this time of the year. While I hate feeling cold all the time, T'is the season of merry making, huddling up and sipping that cup of warm cocoa, or walking right out into the open air and breathing in the winter. Perhaps I like winter, and maybe I don't like air conditioning. Oh well!

And one of the highlights of this season are the Christmas Trees. What's so great about a tree? you might ask -
It' just that there's something about looking at a dark green tree, and looking at all the pretty shiny things that hang on it!! (And this is where you face punch yourself. Yeah, I like shiny. If there was a huge, urgent, absolutely serious problem, and something shiny or fluffy or cute happened to come in my sight, I would probably drop whatever I was doing to fix the problem and go after it. Attention spans of squirrels would easily topple my record. Actually, scratch that- my competition would be with fish)

Yeah! Christmas trees are awesome! They don't seem to have a lot of bugs on them. They are dense, they have low branches, and are a delight to look at. And when they get decorated, they are the prettiest things ever!! Although I am not a huge fan of artificial trees, I am glad that people don't cut trees and use them for a week or so and then abandon them. It's better to use a fake one.

I remember us having a tiny table-top tree. Calling it a tree is an overstatement - I guess it is more of a Christmas Shrub? Is that even a thing? I took special pains buying the right sized stuff - I remember having just one really glittery bauble that was my pride. I also had a lot of tiny stars. One Christmas in a fit of frustration I decided to get those 50p toffees, painstakingly threading them and hanging them around the Shrub, which proceeded to promptly topple over. (Yeah - those were the days! Back in my days, we had the real deal!) My family pitched in enthusiastically, albeit buying out of scale baubles, leaving me scurrying to do some last minute shopping.

Speaking of decorations, what trinkets would entice you? I would love to see edible stuff on trees (candy canes come to mind, although after tasting one, I couldn't help but wonder why do people like them). Still you could hang tiny bars of chocolate, all wrapped up nicely and leave the tree alone under my supervision. My love for you will definitely trump. (I hope)

I also like those trees that seem to have random ornaments. Those are like hidden surprises. At first the normal stuff like baubles, angels catch your eye. Then the rare, pretty ones pop out. Some would put up tinier angels, candy (love those. Just saying), one tiny star, tiny snowmen, all hidden by the dense branches, and only visible when you look deeper.

And since I have already covered candy so much, let's move to the other great thing about this week - the Christmas Plum Cake. Now I know most of the store bought cakes are meh at best, however on some rare occasions, I happened to chance upon absolute delights - they smell heavenly, melt in your mouth, with just nuts, and cinnamon and nutmeg and all things yummy - I could finish the whole kilo !(I came really close. The yelling that followed was totally worth it)

This is all I can think of right now. I can't seem to think straight at the moment. I might edit this post, and add some more stuff.

Until next time!
Have a Merry Christmas!


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