Adventures of the innocent: That Perfect Weekend

This is going to be a clean, no-nonsense post.

TLDR? Mystery Rooms are awesome!

Now on to the meat of the matter. Jarvis, Mycroft had their birthdays last month. I had no idea what to get them. Ended up on something that looked interesting, with no functional value. (It's what your crush is).

We all convened at Jarvis' house. It's this awesome apartment on the 11th floor. We holed up in her super cozy room, and this was a cold night mind you. There was a lot of crap on my mind. It's funny how my brain weeds out traumatic stuff and all I seem to remember is warm, cozy lights and familiar faces. Anyway, we all sat around joking, having fun, amorously calling out to the poor soul who was delivering our food. (Guys, remember Santuuuu??)

Anyways we all had a great time, went out for a walk, I realized my favorite pair of jeans, and the only jeans I had for the weekend had torn right at the knee, half-way around. My friends encouraged me to flaunt this new style and own that! (Which is what I proceeded to do. Having never worn torn jeans in my life, it was unnerving how nobody even batted an eyelid at the horror)  Then these ladies decided they would watch a movie. I was misled into thinking it was a thriller. It was 96. It was lame. We all fell asleep, and would have fallen asleep sooner, had RB not kept us awake with her enthusiasm. Jarvis woke up in the middle, mumbled something and went back to snoring. (Yes, yes you snored).

The next morning, we all got around to making breakfast - Mycroft outshone herself in the thinnest dosa department, I cut the coconut into pieces. RB decorated Jarvis' room. S and I woke up really early and went for a nice long walk. And after all this- Mystery Rooms!!

So it had been a long - long - standing dream of Mycroft's and mine to go such a place. Best decision ever made. Turns out, 5 is a party. If not for the patronizing lady there (Who treated as though we were school children) , it would have been Divine!

We were let out into a room to diffuse a bomb in a limited amount of time. There were no lights, nothing. We just had to figure out everything. And boy was it fun! All the puzzles, and all the mystery that I used to love as a kid were rolled into one here. The amount of locks we picked, the screams as each puzzle was solved, the yelling and the despair - every nanosecond was worth it!! Each one of us tackled different clues, and each one sailed through it. We reached the second room, where the bomb was. It all seemed so real! And in the end , winning the challenge by sheer luck made it a heady cocktail. This is a day I truly cannot forget.
In conclusion? Mystery Rooms are the best!

After that we met the rest of our gang, and Truffles it was. I couldn't hang around for very long, so maybe the Cognitive Ambivert could tell you about that.

Until next time,


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