I enjoy showing my mom the fantastic universes that I would like to live in. There's nothing I would like better than going way out of my comfort zone, sitting at an ancient desk and filling out the accounts for a witches apothecary and being her Apprentice/Chosen One. Or contemplate the existence of an infinite universe all driven by the infinite pointlessness of the decisions that we make.

Anyways back to my mom. I love showing her weird things. And the marvel universe is one the best examples I can give as to how she perceives it. I remember watching the first Avengers on TV and being absolutely hooked to it. Nary a day would go by without me talking about how amazing each of the heroes were. My mom hates battles and apocalyptic life and death scenarios, so here we were - her trying to make sense of the chaos on the screen, and me walking her through it excitedly.
Some time had passed. I took my mom and lil bro to watch Avengers 2 (the Ultron movie)! Me and the brother had a lot of fun, and sadly I have no idea what did my mom actually understood. She kept staring at the screen so I am pretty sure she was confused.

Cut to present day- my mom must have watched the Avengers more times than I could count, and has had a good dose of each of the superhero origin movies. (P - please watch them. If my mom can, so could you)

And she had begun to recognize the actors in all of these movies as well. So it shouldn't have really surprised me much when we were watching Chris Hemsworth flex those drool worthy muscles of his in some huntsman movie, my mom spoke up : "Wait, that's hammer."


"Mom what are you talking about ?" - I was confused.

"That's hammer! I could recognize him anywhere !"

I beat down the strong urge to laugh, which was washing over me in waves.

This got me thinking.. If my mom associated Chris Hemsworth with hammer , what else did she think? I asked her, what about the Scarlett widow? And after a long winded explanation of what characters did she play in the avengers my mom said
Oh that's Lucy.

Nice. She had liked Lucy.

Then I moved to the major players like Downey Jr who she correctly identified as iron man. Captain America just got me a face that looked bored and annoyed. (BK will kill me :p). Mark Ruffalo was Green big guy. Dr.Strange - my dad walked in and commented - isn't he that crazy person who you kids call Sherlock Holmes? (And I glared at him. Sadly I possess no powers). Gamora was green lady (like an insect - they were all insects, my dad said). The rest of them were just eh?

I should ask her more of these! And coach her well about Momoa :P

Maybe I should do a whole post on what does my dad think about various movies and their characters? Let me know!

Until next time,


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