Faking it?

I identify myself as a tambrahm . Atleast I used to. Until I happened upon this gem of a page that talks exclusively about the tambrahm community. And that's when I realized I know absolutely nothing about the whole lot. And whatever I do read is just scary. Scarier that the scariest horror movie or book that I have seen. Or read.

Before you go ahead and beat me up for not following our traditions and customs, and basically just saying nyooo you aren't supportive - hear me out.

Here's what I could understand about tambrahms in general -

1. Older folks and relatives and random people are the absolute authority on anything - regardless of how irrational they are
2. Tamil (tamizh) is the stuff that is called blood for these folks. Tamil is the body. Tamil is supreme. They even write it in English and boy, is it hard to understand. This is a good explanation for why everyone in Tamilnadu is such a fanatic about Tamil. If it's what you are made of, then you are bound to be defensive of an antibody entering your system!
3. Girls having opinions is a nightmare. If you are a woman, then woe betide you if you make reasonable demands. Maapley is lord(Maapillai - as corrected by my prim and proper tambrahm friend). Girls who talk less, look down, and are beautiful, intelligent, and shy and brave (seriously?? -_-) are ideal. Chamuthu!!
4. The subsections among Brahmins would have enough cultural differences to fill a 1000 page book. And there are lengthy, wordy and long winded discussions about it and about who prefers what. Iyers, iyengars, vadagalai, thengalai and the list can just go on and on and on.
5. Anything that is foreign is to be mistrusted, unless it is from the USA. Chocolates from Belgium?? Euuughgghghh , no USA? USA is great, but don't ever adopt their culture and customs. Never try their food, Sambhar saatham is the way to go. Do not wear their clothes, or explore places. Do not talk to strangers. But USA??!! Womygaaddd
6. Forget smoking and drinking, even breathing would be a crime according to a whole bunch of athais and athimbers. Following rituals without good reasons, just because "this is how it was done - always", and being superstitious is not just a tambrahm thing, but seriously why would you?

I could go on this way, but I think this is all I can think of in a short amount of time.

I had some inkling of this during my (thankfully) short stint in Chennai. But I never knew it was this bad! I have come to question my identity as a tambrahm now. For each of the points made above, I have absolutely no foundation. I find some of them really ridiculous to be honest.
For example -

1. Uhhhh
2. I do not speak Tamil. Do not feel any of the emotions that most of them seem to feel. And I have never been judged by my folks for it.
3. Moving on
4. Not interested!
5. There are other countries in this world. Each one of them is unique and beautiful in their own way. Why step out if you are terrified of everything?
6. I find rituals for their own sake to be absolutely lame.

Until next time (when I will be older than I was before :p)


Me like maapley. Sounds like something made of maple syrup;P. Your pronunciation is atrocious though. Chella is going to cringe and disown you thereafter:p
Dragon Rider said…
:D reading old comments have a charm of their own!
Indeed they do! I indulge in this too.

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