V day fiasco

Another Valentine's day went by. Loved that video by CollegeHumor! (Although it was  sponsored) So I said a couple of years back, that I was breaking up with cats. That did not go well. Status right now: Complicated. 

And in case you guys were wondering that maybe this year I found luuurrrveee  or something cheesy like that, THINK AGAIN.
That day was a traffic nightmare. There I was looking forward to going home early, buying a cake for my mom, and relaxing with a movie (most probably a rom-com, while smirking at all the romantic  crap they show there, and telling my mom how stupid the movie was). I did leave early - and took a share-cab. That guy picked up all the people you could fit in a WagonR, and proceeded to float across the whole of moonstruck Bangalore dropping them off, and finally I tumbled out, right at the end of it -  exhausted. 

Then it was time to buy groceries and such, because I did not do anything productive over the weekend. By the time I got back home, all I wanted was to change, hog and sleep. Which is what I proceeded to do. Not in that order. I also had to leave pretty early the next day, so all the late night phone calls to family did not help. 

One thing that was surprising though, was the utter lack of enthusiasm people were showing for this day. I guess the sneaky suspicion people had about the utter commercialism and pointlessness of this day is finally catching on! Or maybe people are just turning cynical in general and have lost faith in humanity. :D

The folks I was sharing a ride with were rolling their eyes, when we started discussing the topic. We started making fun of the lame adverts on FM radio. (Don't get me wrong, I know they have to support themselves, but seriously? There are more ads than music!). Apparently there was some real estate ad, that encouraged people to buy a flat for their significant others on Valentine's Day! And the married person was saying - Bro what would I have to buy in the future years just to top your ridiculous suggestion? A trip to the Moon? 
I had another question - what if a guy does buy the apartment and gift it to a girl he has been trying to ask out? What if she replies with 'I love the house, but I don't think I could go out with you... I always saw you as a friend/brother.. Thank you for the apartment! I just LOVE it. It's just, I don't see you that way... you know???' 

I mean, what is a guy to do then? (This is assuming guys buy stuff for girls. It could even happen that the girl buys the guy an apartment - hello sister anyone?)

Not to mention the exorbitant prices of things like flowers, stuffed toys, chocolates (which is honestly the best part of V Day in my opinion). I also heard that entry to restaurants is charged - 5000/- INR for some Deli. That is just crazy! What will they do next? Charge people to breathe the air???

Speaking of humanity, why do people fight? What are they fighting for? land? resources? pride? Ego? I mean, don't they realize everything is pointless? In the end , none of these little things would matter. Everyone is going to die. Instead of fighting why can't we find solutions ? Why do we hate so much? Why do we put in so much effort for something that causes so much pain? 

Weirdness. Cats are better. They are flawless. 
Until next time


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